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Please note that by using the MangoBaby baby carrier, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the safety of you and your baby. If you do not wish to take full responsibility for the safety of you and your baby while using the MangoBaby baby carrier, please do not use it, and feel free to return it to us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

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Safety Precautions

  1. Never do anything with your baby that you are not comfortable with.
  2. Do not use hot, sharp, or dangerous objects when carrying your baby.
  3. Especially with newborns, make sure that baby is not in a position that compromises breathing. This could include having her chin tucked down too low, or having her breathing blocked. You may find that rolling up a small receiving blanket to support babyís head will help.
  4. Make sure to use carrying positions appropriate for each stage of your baby's physical development.
  5. Do not exercise while wearing your baby.
  6. Keep the baby carrier out of reach when not in use.

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Tips for Success

  1. Practice with a doll or pillow until you are comfortable with each step.
  2. Have a partner present to help you.
  3. Stay near a soft surface for letting your baby down.
  4. Practice when baby is happy.
  5. Use a mirror to check what youíve done.
  6. Move, move, move and bounce, bounce, bounce! Go for a brisk walk once you get your baby on.
  7. The key to comfort is technique and getting a snug fit. Follow directions closely for the best results.
  8. Donít give up after the first try! Practice and technique is the key when using a traditional carrier.
Itís best to practice a couple of times a day, and give yourself a week for you and your baby to get used to being carried. Before you know it, youíll feel like experts. If you are having trouble, email us, and attach some photos if possible as well.

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Caring for your MangoBaby

  1. Always check for worn seams, or accidental rips or tears before using your baby carrier, and repair them.
  2. Wash occasionally when necessary. Excessive washing may prematurely weaken seams and fabric.
  3. Hand washing and line drying out of direct sunlight recommended for longer lasting colours. All baby carriers are machine washable and dryable.
  4. Iron on cotton setting. Do not iron directly on top of the gold butterfly panel.

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Parts of the MangoBaby Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier Diagram

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